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                                 Discover Your Family History            

   Ever wonder….


Where did my family come from?

When did they arrive in this country?

Where did they live?

What kind of work did they do?

  I can help to answer your questions!         






                  I will find and compile information on your ancestors and create a 
documentation of your family history.  Not just a family tree with dates. 
I specialize in providing information on the lives of your  ancestors.              

               I have access to ship manifests, census, church and cemetery records,
               city directoriesmilitary documents, and published genealogies and 
.  There are fabulous archives and historical societies which
               have preserved town records, biographical and historical material, all providing
               rich details and context to the lives of your ancestors.  
               I will obtain these records for you and compile your personal family history.

                   Contact me for more information on how I can reveal the mystery of your
               family heritage.

             Beth Trivaudey Mariotti


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